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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets can be purchased online or from these official ticket offices. In those instances where there is no ticket office at the location, tickets can be purchased subject to availability from the coach driver. 

Is the reservation of a seat on the coach compulsory?

Yes, seating on the coach must be pre-booked.

How can I book a seat on the coach?

Customers can book coach seats  the following ways:

  • Visit in person an official Pepks ticket office or any other coach station in Croatia
  • By telephoning our Info Centre xxxxx
  • By telephoning your nearest ticket office.
  • E-mail xxxxx or one of the ticket offices and specify the full name of the traveller(s), date and time of departure, boarding location and destination

Passengers must reserve and pay for tickets:
National Lines: At least 2 hours prior to coach departure time
International Lines: At least 6 hours prior to coach departure time

For tickets booked online General Conditions for Online Sales apply.

What if I lose my ticket?

We regret to advise that we do not offer refunds for lost tickets. In such instances, customers will be required to purchase a new ticket to travel.

Do I have to keep the ticket during the entire journey?

Yes. Passengers are required to keep tickets during the entire journey and show them at the request of an authorized employee of Pepeks.

They found me on the coach without a ticket...

If a coach traveller is found with an incorrect, invalid or no ticket, the full price of the ticket for the journey will be applied plus a 50,00 kn penality fine.

Am I entitled to a refund if I cancel the trip?

Passengers who want to cancel their coach journey are entitled to return their ticket(s) to a designated ticket office
National Lines: At least 2 hours prior to travel
International Lines: At least 6 hours prior to travel

Providing that the above requirements are adhered to, Pepeks will refund the money paid for the ticket less 10% for administration charges. Passengers are not entitled to a refund for the booking fee and city bus tickets.

Am I entitled to a refund for an unused portion of a return ticket?

Passengers are entitled to a refund for the unused part of a return ticket on the proviso that the return travel date has not passed. In such cases, Pepeks will refund the difference of the amount paid for a return ticket and the cost of a one-way ticket less 10% for administration charges. Refunds can only be made at organized ticket offices.

Where can I get a refund?

For tickets booked in person at one of the official ticket offices or in a bus, please return to the nearest office. For tickets booked online, please fulfill our Refund Claim Form and send it to xxxxxx. The credit will be paid exclusively to the bank account stated on submitted Refund Claim.

Can I change the date and time of departure?

Yes. Customers can submit a request to change the time of their departure. Such requests must be done in person at one of the Pepeks outlets. Changes to departure times will only be accepted:
National Lines: At least 2 hours prior to travel
International Lines: At least 6 hours prior to travel

Please note: Changes of departure times will incur a new booking fee.
It is not possible to amend online tickets.

Can I use the purchased return ticket to travel back with another carrier?

Normally passengers travel with the carrier with whom the ticket was purchased. Pepeks does have some interlining agreements in place with other carriers. Further information is available at any of our ticket offices.

Can I get a discount on the ticket price?

National lines: Pepeks offers different types of discount depending on the passenger. Please click here for more information.
International services: Discounts are available but are dependent on each line and sometimes according to season. Please ask the staff at our ticket offices.

How many pieces of luggage can I take on the journey?

Each passenger can bring along up to 2 pieces of luggage, for which the fee is paid according to the valid prices. If the vehicle has sufficient load carrying capacity, the driving staff will work hard to meet your needs.
Hand luggage is free, providing that is stored in overhead rack or under seat.